Eleventh: thou shalt not escape

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Undicesimo: non scappare

I do not know if it happens to you too, but sometimes I am suddenly attracted to a song, to the point of listening to it for hours and hours without interruption. Perhaps just to make sense of this, I developed a theory "in coaching sauce": if a sudden and strong need to listen a song appears, it means that it contains or hides a message I need in that precise moment. So, I begin to look for the phrase that evidently resonates in me.

After avoiding for years the song "Samarcanda" by Roberto Vecchioni, last week I started to listen to it obsessively and, consequently, to question on its meaning. And I found out that it refers to the following fascinating and ancient oriental tale, entitled Samarra or Samarkand: One day, a merchant in Baghdad sent his servant to the market. After a while, the servant came back home pale and trembling, saying: "Master in the market I've been hit by a Lady in the crowd. When I turned around, I realized that she was the Death, that continued to look insistently to me, making threatening gestures. I beg you to lend me your best horse: I have to escape my fate, I want to leave this city, galloping like a bolt to Samarkand ".

The merchant agreed and lent him his faster horse; the servant mounted and, spurring his thoroughbred, galloped off.

Left alone, the merchant decided to go to the market and, once recognized the Death, he asked her: "Why did you terrify my servant this morning, making threatening gestures?". And the Lady answered: "Your servant misunderstood. Mine was not a threatening gesture; I was rather surprised. I was astonished to see him in Baghdad, because I have an appointment with him tonight in Samarkand."

Well, the moral is simple: in our life, there are some inevitable things, from which we cannot escape. Our inane efforts to do so could just make us come closer to them. Hence, the questions I asked myself and I turn to you:

What I'm getting out at this time?

Who is the Lady, for me, now?

What choice am I afraid of?

In the light of new knowledge coming from the novel "Samarkand", what can I do to accept the Lady and turn her into an opportunity?

By the way, I invite you to listen to the song by Roberto Vecchioni. Good listening:







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