Holiday villages

on BLOG, Coaching 10 Set, 2015

villaggi vacanze

In August we hosted for a week my sister-in-law and her partner, from France. Already during the first lunch together, they both spoke in glowing terms of the famous chain of holiday villages in which they met and of which are assiduous customers.

Their enthusiasm intrigued me a lot and, at the first opportunity, I asked my sister-in-law a simple "tell me more". It seemed she was expecting this question and she described contexts frequented by resourceful people, by professionals with many interests, by customers who, under a normal appearance, hide interesting and unpredictable personal and professional lives. Environments where it's easy to know new and pleasant friends.

"And out of the villages?" She: "Very rare to meet people like this."

My sister-in-law (and, I imagine, myriads of people), when she is in the right frame of mind, when she decides to "listen to others", is surprised by how much human richness is around us. Instead, in normal life, due to work and other commitments, she lives at a different frequency, which does not allow anyone to enter. A shame.

One of the characteristics of the coaches is precisely the habit, the ability to be open towards the coachees and, more generally, the world. Capacity that sometimes initially arises suspicion, but is always evaluated positively. For the coach, "others" are always full of resources, capable of great achievements, deserve the best; it's enough to listen without judgment, prejudice and removing every interference.

I don't speak of an empty and stereotypical encouragement, but of an genuine interest, which turns into support and to a push to action.

If you learned to listen as a coach, what would happen?

Who and what would surprise you?






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