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I want to share one of those experiences that confirm that you are on your way, you made a good choice, you can attend and feed an environment in which a proper weight is given to the concept of value: last Saturday I attended the second day of XIII Conference of ICF Italy, the Italian Chapter of the International Coach Federation. The theme of the two days was the integration: the knowledge of disciplines, approaches and tools for professional and personal support, development and well-being, often contiguous and sometimes away from coaching, which, to some extent, can complement each other. The ultimate goal is to offer a broader and customised coaching service, that can also characterize us as professional coaches and help us in the definition of our personal brand.

The stimuli were numerous, the different styles and tones of the speakers always kept alive the public's attention, the possibility to choose between multiple simultaneous sessions in different rooms allowed to "build" the day, which culminated in a classic but always exciting and useful intervention of Tim Gallwey, the undisputed guru of coaching, creator of the Inner game methodology.

Beyond the technical content of the day, I have two points to make, about the evolution of coaching in Italy in the last decade and about my colleagues.

At the professional level, I got confirmation that Italy is now in a phase of quasi-maturity of the coaching profession (though not yet of the coaching market) and that we now have the strength and the courage to go beyond the orthodoxy, that characterized us until a few years ago. I still remember the discussions on dichotomies as pure coaching versus contamination, pure coaching versus interventionist coaching, coaching versus other support disciplines, which I always considered the resulting of insecurities and fear. In fact, those who had the opportunity to study on American English or French books, in the meantime, realized that anywhere else the attention was already directed to the definition of a set - of course consistent and professional - of effective tools and approaches. So, even if ICF Italy and each of us must be committed to spreading culture and developing the coaching market, in my opinion, the professional coaching is progressing very well.

The second point concerns my colleagues: among the two hundred participants on Saturday, so many familiar faces, so many friends, a tuning about basic topics of coaching and our common professional pillars. So much diversity and so much alignment of values, thanks to which I felt at home, in the right place.

So: speed ahead, with confidence and energy!






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